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Christy Canyon
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Christy Canyon

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Born: 6/17/1966
Aliases: Christi Canyon, Christie Canyon, Chrisy Canyon, Cristy Canyon, Deedee, Linda Daniel, Missy, Sara Wine, Sarah White, Tara Wine

Babe Name:
Christy Canyon
Country of Origin: United States United States CA - California Pasadena
Date of Birth: June 17, 1966
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brown
Height: 170 cm - 5 feet and 7 inches
Weight: 59 kg - 130 lbs
Measurements: 36DD-24-36
Career Status: Retired
Shoe Size: 8.5

Christy Canyon (born on June 17, 1966 in Pasadena, California, U.S.) is a retired American pornographic actress and current radio personality.

Adult film career:
Canyon appeared in nearly 200 adult films. Canyon has won several "best female performance" awards and is a member of the XRCO and AVN Halls of Fame. She retired from (and returned to) the adult business several times. In 1999, AVN rated her as one of the top twenty-five adult stars of all time. She is known for her natural 36DD breasts.

In her autobiography, Canyon stated that adult performer Greg Rome approached her while she was waiting for a ride in Hollywood and told her that she would be a terrific figure model. He gave her the business card of porn recruiter and agent Jim South of World Modeling Talent Agency. After visiting South's office she posed for men's magazines, and she began her video career shortly thereafter. She has stated that her first on-screen performance was with Ron Jeremy in 1984's "Swedish Erotica 57," and that Jeremy soon became a close friend within the business. Her pictures appeared in Celebrity Sleuth magazine, as well as Penthouse, Hustler, and dozens of other men's magazines.

In a 2005 interview on Taylor Wane's radio show, Canyon stated that although on-camera she had protected sex (with condoms) with all of her male co-stars during her time with Vivid Entertainment in the mid 1990s, this was definitely not something she practiced in her private life. Canyon stated that she engaged in unprotected sex with every one of her male co-stars off camera, prior to their filmed sex scenes. In her personal life, Canyon has dated directors John Frankenheimer, and Adam Rifkin.[5] From 2005 to March 2011, she was co-host of Sirius XM Satellite Radio's Playboy Radio show Night Calls. As of April 2011, she became co-host of Sirius XM Satellite Radio's Spice Sex Circus with Ginger Lynn, and sole host of Sirius XM Satellite Radio's weekly Legends of Porn.

Canyon retired and returned to films several times during her career, mainly due to changes in her marital status. Currently, she is retired from performing in films and dancing on the road, but still has an adult-related career, concentrating on her web site, working as a host for Spice Radio, and selling merchandise on eBay and ABIBIDS. In 2003, she published her autobiography: Lights, Camera, Sex which is still in print. In November 2005, she appeared as a judge on the first season of Jenna's American Sex Star.


Christy Canyon Interview unedited

I think it's about time I put up the entire Christy Canyon interview. This is all 103 minutes of the interview. I think it's over 10,000 words so have fun. I also have it on a CD and if I can locate that I will sell it to you. Just ask. I tried to make this readable. I just went over it and made sure it made sense and had punctuation. It's really just two girls talking about their lives and occasionally a guy puts his two cents in. I'm so proud of this interview and I hope you enjoy it.

Christy Canyon Interview October 27, 2006
C: My producer Ferrell asked me on day, do you know this girl Alix from MrSkin? And I said yeah Iím meeting her in a few weeks. This was like a month ago or something and he said you know she has this blog called the Road to Christy Canyon and he said how could she not have found you before? You like stripped on the road da da da da da. So our first question is what took you so long to find me?

A: Well I didnít work for MrSkin until like 2 years ago. So I wasnít really into it. I always liked porn. But I had a thing for you b/c you were the first-every interview Iíve read the interviewer says that youíre (CC) my first crush -and the first porn I saw was with you in it, with Christy Canyon. Same thing with me and I explained it a little in my blog and I told you a little about it. I saw your video (Victim of Love2), and before that whenever I saw porn I thought it was bad and I felt bad and dirty watching it b/c everybody says itís degrading to women and for some reason you didnít come off that way. So Iíve been doing-Iím a designer and I never really got into writing-but when I met up with Mike Mcpadden who works for MrSkin, he really liked the way I talked. And he said you need to write some stuff. So I wrote some stuff for him and Iíve always been like I want to meet Christy Canyon. I want to do Christy Canyon.

CC: How funny ha ha..

A: So finally he just set it up. I knew you were on the road but I didnít really know what you were doing. I knew you were done with movies. I didnít know where you were. Iím always skeptical about approaching people in porn b/c you know the whole Traci Lords thing itís kind of iffy with her, I mean Iíd love to meet her but I donít want to encroach on her privacy.

CC: I donít even think she really talks about it anymore for the longest time she said she didnít remember any thing until Harper Collins gave her an advance and suddenly it all came back


A: So I saw your book on Mikeís shelf one day and I picked it up and I read it in like 2 days and then I read it again so that started everything out. And I just started the blog just to have fun.

CC: They are fun

A: And I did a lot of pictures of me and I got a lot of fans and lot of people were really interested about the interview and they were really excited about it

CC: Good Iím so glad that it all worked out it was perfect

A: Yes it was so when I found out I could come out here I was like yea!

CC: Well go ahead start with what ever you want to ask
A: What was the worse thing you hated about retail besides the money?

CC: God you know looking back on it, it was just so dead end to me Iím mean it wasnít evenÖThe retail that I did was at a little shop that closed down a couple of years later. It was just so working for the paycheck, which wasnít even that great. There was no excitement in it I didnít meet anyone interesting they were just all office ladies from Burbank, not that thereís anything wrong with office ladies but I was 18 and I felt just so stiff in there. There was just no future, no excitement. It wasnít even like one day I could transfer to their other store and be boss or manager it was just so one dimensional

A: I know what you mean I did it for 10 years and I have no idea how I did it for 10 years. So Greg Rome is it?

CC: the guy that got me into the business

A: Right now he pulled up in his TransAm?

CC: yeah like the total Smokey and the Bandit, except it was white you know with a T-Top and in the 80ís that was the fuckiní car to have. He was like the coolest and he was so cute and young and blond and tan, it was just so flashy.

A: and it took you what three weeks to call

CC: yeah right about there, cause when he said figure modeling I really was so truly so naive that I thought hands legs. Didnít think of pussy and tits you know what I mean. And then he showed me a Hustler that he was in and I thought OMG really I couldnít do that. But really it didnít seem bad it was in the 80ís where like layouts were really cool and like now the new millennium era itís so different you would never get away with doing a layout like the layouts we did in the 80ís where the guy was like really close and the tongue was out but there was no actual touching. And now if I was that age and somebody shows me a magazine like that I mean theyíre like pissing on people and like fisting and stuff Iíd be like OMG. But it as really so innocent (back in the 80ís) it was just such an innocence to me especially now that I look back on it.

A: How nervous were you that first shoot. I remember in the book you talk about how the makeup artist made you feel really comfortable what was the photographerís name Ron?

CC: Ron, shooting photos was not nerve racking I was really comfortable with that but I was stiff just because I didnít know what I was doing. I would give like the big ole cheesy smile and they were like no you donít want to show that many teeth. Do like Ah, ee, oooh, like really do the vowels and it was just me and the photographer all day and the makeup artist. That part was really actually fun it was when I did my first film that I got totally freaked out just because it was like Iíd only been with like 4 guys you know I hadnít had that much sex when I was 18 and it was just really scary for me. You know and having sex in a bed with another couple was something I hadnít done at 18 I had never seen anyone having sex right next to me. It wasnít a great set. It was for Swedish Erotica and they were running behind and I remember the producers was fucking one of the girls in the bathroom. It was real porny.

A: yeah I would have freaked out and ran out of there immediately

CC: I know I really wanted to but I was really broke but I thought itís no big deal itís not like I havenít had sex before and you know I could use the money and I donít want to make the agent mad at me if I leave here because I thought what if he doesnít want to hire me or send me out. It was like so many dynamics going on in my head at once just so much happening

A: you did that shoot and you talked to Jim and you said you donít want to do this anymore but he told you there were 2 left and it was 1200 dollars a day

CC: And that was so much and even now thatís a lot. And it was straight sex, it was a boy girl scene, girl girl boy boy, I mean it wasnít anal and now itís like and I hate to keep referring to the times now but on our radio show here at Playboy we have a lot of the adult stars and a lot of the new ones and they come on and say yeah my first scene was a gang bang where I got choked and Iím thinking I must have missed that movie company and like even when they got there they were told that it was a masturbation itís just so different now and I thank my lucky stars that I was in it when I was. Itís just such a different field now. But when I showed up for the second set like a day or two later. It was like a whole different vibe. It was Traci Lords, Ginger Lynn a catering service and Peter North like really young pretty handsome people. Sorry Ron Jeremy he was the first guy. I love Ron

A: Yeah I think heís great but that would totally terrify me you know. You didnít even know him

CC: I didnít

A: and here he is eating donuts naked

CC: I know and I love him so much as a person. It was scary though. I think my second scene that I ever did on film was Ginger Lynn, Jamie Gillis. But Ginger was like oh my god youíre so cute! I mean you are so cute. And Iíve never had sex with a girl and Iíve always wanted to know what it was like and she was just so sweet and you know it was just such a different vibe itís amazing how it just turned my whole look around from being on that second set.

A: Ok so then you went on and did more

CC: yeah more and more, I swear the first. I started in September of 84 and I quit in April of 85 and I think every month I was doing an average of 28 sex scenes. I mean Iíd work like 28 days out of the month cause it was like the boom of porn. It was the beginning. Like going to the Pussy Cat theater to your home with these like $89 dollar tapes and there were like maybe like a dozen usable girls everyday. Amber Lynn, Ginger Lynn, Portia Lynn, Christy Canyon, Traci Lords. I mean there werenít that many girls and every day we would just work.

A: And there were even less guys too

CC: Yeah there were like maybe six. Tom Byron, Peter North, Ron Jeremy, Marc Wallace. I mean there werenít that many

A: I would assume it was a lot harder for men

CC: it was then but now with Viagra they cheat

A: That works I guess

CC: It does but then it backfires. I think it was around this time last year I directed a film a porn film and for 2 days and this guys took he had to have taken Viagra because he couldnít come. I mean after the three positions and the head, 45 min later, Iím thinking dude. I took a break after 15 minutes and was like call us when youíre ready. It had to be something, it just wouldnít go down.

A: You need the money shot

CC: Exactly and that poor girl, it was Sunny Lane, was trying to do everything to get this guy off and I would have been out of there like 5 minutes after he couldnít pop his load. I would have been like Iíll be outside itís not my part of my job.

A: So you quit in April

CC: April of 85

A: So hereís one of the questions my readers wanted me to ask and I actually really want to know this too. Orgasms, did you always have them?

ACC: Like 90 % of the time. There were sometimes when you were just in such a horrible position like I remember there was one sex scene and I donít even remember what film it was in where the guy had me hoisted on a sink and heís like fucking me but I could feel the nozzle of the sink like going right into my lower back and there were certain times that it just was not a comfortable position or a place to have sex. There was another film, Christy in the Wild where I was having sex with John Doe on a car. Oh John Doe god rest your soul. And I was sitting on top of him and it was like 100 degrees and he had a broken leg so I could only do cow girl and to me it just wasnít comfortable after like 20 minutes I donít have that good of thy muscles and with the hot sun it was just like oh. So there were times and there were probably 10 sex scenes that I can think of that I just didnít like the position, the air conditioning was off, we were outside or on one or two cases where I just soooo wasnít attracted to the guy that kind of thing.

A: So after you quit in April you went and worked with your dad and we donít have to talk about that but you do in your book

CC: No it was fun for a while. And I was so burned out, like I said earlier, I did 28 days out of the month. And then I was like oh fuck what did I just do I mean get into. What did I just do with my life now Iím fucking on film, not that I ever regretted it but I just mentally needed a break and I was dating a guy in the business who owned the video company. I thought I was in love, I mean what do you fucking know at 18. He was older he was like 30. But I thought oh you know Iím going to marry him and I just really needed a change. I completely burned out. And have having sex on film for so many days I was really turned off by sex to a certain degree. You know I remember having sex for the first time after having it on film for 4 months and I had sex in my house once with the guy and it was kind of surreal and I had my leg high in the air and I had heels on. The guy was like what are you doing with heels on?

A: (Both Laughing) this is what I normally do

CC: With your leg like way out there. But like mentally I was thinking the cameraís got to get the right angle. So you know it really started messing with my personal life. Thatís why when I came back in 89 it was so great to be under contract because I only did like one film ever 2 months

A: Yea. And you did a good job let me tell ya. When I read what your deal was whoa

CC: I just got lucky it was all about timing

A: Yes and everybody wanted you

CC: I just got lucky I feel very lucky in this business and all these later Iím still milkiní the cow

A: You should I mean if I thought the way I think now back when I was 18 I would have done it. But when I was that age I thought I was going to be a designer

CC: See you had goals, I didnít I was kicked out. I was like what the fuck am I going to do for money. I had two jobs. Iím not making it OMG. See I think everyone, and my co-host Ginger on Playboy radio disagrees, I think everyone that gets into adult at least from the people I know, they have some kind of chip on their shoulder. For some reason or another. Like they were abused in some way, I was never sexually abused but just a lot of marriages and everyoneís got a fucking story. Iím so not sob storying here but I was looking for approval. And I think if you have somewhat of a healthy background you donít want to get naked in front of the camera, you know I really donít. I mean mine was for approval and some of the girls I know had some rocky past. I donít know anyone that said god I had the best upbringing. Thereís always a glitch in there if you did deep enough. Which I think everyone has a certain amount that got into porn. So you had some goal.

A: yeah I did and of course it didnít work I went to retail (laughing). Although I did go to Hong Kong and I studied with a designer out there and that would have been me moving to HK and there was just no way wanted to do that

CC: No I donít blame you

A: So youíre working for your dad and everythingís cool. Did you date a lot of guys?

CC: No I didnít you know up until the mid 90ís no the early 90ís. I dated a lot but nothing serious, nothing long term. I sounds so weird but I knew that I had to heal my own demons before I could get into something serious

A: Thatís pretty smart. Iím like the opposite. (laughing)

CC: Everyone I guess acts different, but I knew that I had to be Ok with myself before I could be ok with somebody else in my life. But it was fun I dated and I had fun. But nothing major. No major commitments no major relationships

A: Yeah after the one he really hurt you. I mean it was pretty scary in the book

CC: And the funny thing now is that I see him at conventions and itís like obviously I have no ill feelings towards him or anything b/c god who wants to carry around shit for all those years and itís great to see him. And I look back on it too and I think part of it was my fault like I needed to be more mature like you were so weak Christy to let someone walk all over you like that. Now if somebody tried that Iíd be like get the fuck out, donít let the door hit you. But I was like so weak and so searching for acceptance that I put up with it. But really when it boils down to it, it was my fault. I mean I take full responsibility for it

A: Thatís what therapy teaches you it teaches you to take responsibility

CC: 12 years

A: I teaches you to take responsibility so then you wonít have that issue with that other person and then youíll be able to get over it

CC: Yeah and I canít stand it when people carry these victimizing you know grudges for years. Like we were talking about Traci earlier and every interview I read she was so negative about the business and it is what it is. You know you did it and your still using that name even thought itís not your god given name

A: Well I think that everything that she has now is because of what she did before

CC: Of course

A: The scandal was the best PR anybody could have asked for

CC: She was just another pretty face. And sheís not that good of an actress. Sheís was a total one trick pony. Iím mean sheís cute and sheís beautiful but sheís no Shakespearian actress.
I just think itís so important to take responsibility for your own actions

A: Yeah, and I donít think she did that in her book at all. I mean I donít think she panned the porn industry

CC: All 20 pages about the porn industry? I could care less about that TV pilot she did from the 80ís

A: Yeah she did pan it. Then she talks about how boring she is and she doesnít talk a lot about the drugs she did. You were very honest about the drugs I thought that was great. Like Iíve had issues with cocaine so reading your story was cool

CC: And it was fun Iím so glad I had a little run when I was younger. And yet like now I couldnít imagine ever doing it but I even look back at that and think wow I was so young and it was kind of fun

A: When youíre 18, I mean if I had done cocaine when I was 18 I probably would have had fun too but I did it a little bit later and I was like whoa this is crazy I gotta stop this.
So was that true that was the last time you took it

CC: Yes, I think I was like 20 maybe 21. I donít even drink anymore. I mean I have habits like I love coffee and smoke cigarettes but Iím so in fear of losing control. I think I went the opposite was and now that I have a daughter I so donít want to drink because like

A: You have to wake up in the morning and you have to be like energetic

CC: And yeah I donít want her to be like why is my mommy like this. And wonder why is mommy kissing that strange man. I was a real loosey goosy drunk too. So I just donít really do anything. Iím just very boring that way. I just donít anymore

A: You know what itís not boring though. I used to drink all the time and Iíd do it every night it was crazy and I dried out for a year. And now I sit in front of my TV and watch Project Runway and sew.

CC: (Laughing) yeah and do a damn good job of sewing if I may add

A: Yeah thatís my fun. Like I come out here to Vegas and I have one drink and Iím wasted

CC: I get it though

A: Yeah itís just hard losing control youíre right. Thereís no way back

CC: An yet when I was in my 20ís it was great to lose control at a club Iíd have 3 long island ice teas and throw up on some guy. Heíd ask me out still

A: So when did you start going to school was it after you went back to porn

CC: Yes I enrolled in the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Downtown LA in 89. Yeah I graduated in 91. And it was great I started off in fashion design and I realized that I canít cut straight I canít sew the bodice was a little off and the apex. I just couldnít sew to save my life but I was really good at the business end of it and one of my teachers said you know Christy I think you might want to get into the marketing end of it. The design part isnít working for you.

A: Design is hard

CC: Yeah I wasnít good at the design or the sewing I mean I can sew a button on but I donít have a visual for art. Like Iím not good. My house I had a decorator do it. Iím so bad. If I buy a pair of pants I have to buy the shirt the mannequin is wearing. Iím just no good at putting things together

A: Get a personal shopper thatís what theyíre there for

CC: I like shopping on my own, I do. Iíve never had one of those personal shoppers

A: I used one once, I was going to a wedding and I couldnít find anything that fit and I was in tears. So I asked the lady to bring me everything in white and black while I sat crying in the dressing room. And it worked out

CC: See thatís smart I should do that

A: If youíre in a bind, then do it. But if you like to shop then donít

CC: I know I never thought of that. Also I have such an Armenian Italian body that total hourglass. The little waist the big hips and the big boobs the little back. It always seems like they bring me stuff and say of try this on and itís like a strapless and I say oh I canít wear that I need to wear a bra. And they would say oh you can wear a strapless bra. No Iím like look Iím a 36DD my boobs will flop right out of that strapless. So usually people donít know my body. Itís easier to just do it on my own sometimes. And yes the funny thing is I was doing some work for Playboy TV last year and the wardrobe girl knew my body. She was so good. Everything she got me was perfect. So a good one yes gets it. I ended up buying a bunch of clothes that she bought and I thought Oh my god I never would have picked this skirt out or this blouse. So youíre right a good personal shopper that understands my body is a good thing

A: When I was in design my biggest problem was that I couldnít do me. Because I have the same body you do, big, small, big. And I do have a small back. I have no idea what my bra size is. I know Iím a double d but I can go anywhere from a 34 to a 38

CC: Wow, see Iím pretty true 36 double D

A: Well I go to target to buy my bras. I donít go to Victoria Secret

CC: They donít have good bras though (Victoriaís Secret)

A: Yeah?

CC: I go there, this sounds so cheesy but, my fans will send me Victoria Secret Gift cards for my birthday or Christmas. So I always go there and use them but the braís donít last long. They do for like 60 days and then theyíre like just thrashed.

A: Big boobs are hard

CC: Sometimes I just go to Macyís and get some good expensive ones

A: Wacol is always good

CC: Yeah exactly or Josie I think has good ones. But Bra shopping for me is no fun. Cause you see the really cute ones in like 36 C and you canít get them because they donít make them bigger and thy arenít that big so they should make them

A: I know I have like cute braís but I plop right out of them so I wear them for pretty party night you know where they wonít be on for very long. Like when Iím going to take my clothes off in like 5 minutes

CC: Exactly

A: So you went into merchandising then. Did you do anything with that?

CC: Not exactly. I was stripping at the time and working for Vivid. So Iíd go to school Monday Tuesday and then Iíd take a red eye out Tuesday night. Strip Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday come back on Sunday and be back in school on Monday it was a great dual life and at the end of out two years they had people come from Nordstromís and Macys and they said ok we start our assistant managers out at 20K a year and Iím thinking thatís about a week on the road

A: When was that? What year was that?

CC: 91. And I thought, I didnít go to school to get a job at Macyís or I Magnin. I went because I loved the normalcy of it. It was so normal and there were normal people in school

A: You had that great party where you invited your school friends over and had facials and did your nails, like you said in your book.

CC: Right. And I had these girl friends that knew nothing about my porn life. I was like 23 and they were like 18. They didnít watch porn they didnít know who I was. Like if you donít watch porn youíre never going to know who a porn star is except for someone like Jenna Jameson who truly has crossed to the other side or Traci Lords for the notoriety. But they didnít know who I was until the very end and then one of the guys, not that I have anything against men (in the fashion industry) but I thought they were all gay except one apparently wasnít and saw me at a bachelor party and was like I go to college with that girl! And then it got around but no one cared b/c they all knew me at that point. It wasnít like I walked in and the neon sign ďporn starĒ. But I loved it b/c it was just such a different life for me you know. Saturday night Iíd be stripping to like 400 people in a club and by Monday morning Iíd have the glasses on and the little school clothing and turned in my book reports. It was great for that complete opposite life. It kept me really balanced it didnít make me too porned out

A: Yeah thatís good really nice

CC: It really was it was really good expensive therapy (laughing). It was the best it was really, really fun but no I didnít do anything with it except, this sounds so cheesy, when I would go on the road and I would sell 8x10ís I would use what I learned in marketing which was to use what the retailer wants the most in front. So Iíd put the really explicit nude 8x10. After each show weíd sell pictures and t-shirts and movies so Iíd put the total explicit spread eagle shots up front or like the really hardcore box covers up front (laughing). Thatís about all I learned. Show the buyer what they want.

A: Well you know hey, it works and honestly in merchandising you donít really learn much in school until you actually get into the real world. So if you had gotten a job as a buyer you know what to do. Thatís the same way with design. Like I learned how to sew but I already had the art. I already had the colors and knew what I wanted to do. And I didnít learn how to sew well until after school. Until I kept doing it an doing it

C: Thatís life. When I got my radio show here at playboy it was like you want me to be on the air (laughing)? I have no experience. And it took like a few months and once you get your stride. And the listeners luckily didnít pick up on it. But I just, I loved school. I went on to another school after I graduated. American College I think it was called. I thought well I want to get my four year degree now but within the first week, there were all these nasty type of guys and they knew who I was from day one and they made it so uncomfortable. Iíd be giving a book report standing up at the podium and they would go ďVictim of Love Part OneĒ and I just thought you know I donít want to spend thousands every quarter not to feel comfortable. But I thought I have my two year degree and there isnít really anything I want to do with my this degree itís just to hang on my wall

A: But itís good. Like you said it was good therapy

CC: It was it was really such a fun experience

A: Yeah and it probably kept you really grounded
So you go back in and you do a couple movies. How many movies did you do the second time?

CC: The second time was in 89 and I did 8 for Canyon Video which was Video Exclusives I left them a year later and went to Vivid and probably did about two dozen for Vivid. I went with Vivid in 1990 and I quit in I think in 93 for like six months. And then came back in 94 and quit for good in 97.
But itís so funny people on Myspace or my email say ďYou know Iím a new porn star and Iím would love for you to be in my next filmĒ and Iím thinking NOOO YA WOULD? Like of course you would so I just always email back and say thanks but no thanks. If I ever made another film it would obviously be for Vivid.

A: I friended you on there (myspace) and you havenít responded

CC: I am so bad at that! I have over 400 emails

A: Thatís Ok

CC: I accepted you Iím sure?

A: I donít thinks so. The first time I did it was right after I talked to you and set this (the interview) up. Then I took it down cause I thought maybe thatís not her. A lot of those are not the real people.

CC: That one is me Iím just bad. I always answer my personal emails at Myspace is bad because I had like 500 emails and I got it down to 400 and by the time I shut it down it was back up to like 450 and I thought OMG what do I do. Thatís like something I do when I have an extra half hour to kill. Like if I just need to vegetate. Like after I put my daughter to be and I just totally want to zone then Iíll do that. But I so donít ever hardly answer them.

A: All right what Iíll do is send you my link and you can go there and friend me and Iíll just accept you that way

CC: OK yeah send me your link

A: Yeah it would be fun. I use myspace basically to promote the blog to promote mrskin to promote anything I want to do on the side. So it would be good to have you on my front page b/c everybody knows about this interview

CC: The other day I had accepted like 500 friends. It was Wednesday when I had my face mask on for 8 hours and I didnít go out except to pick my daughter up

A: Ok Maybe. Iíll check

CC: So like itís crazy the MySpace

A: Itís the most popular site. If you go to Alexa which is the site ratings site where you can find out what sites are the hottest and myspace is on top.

CC: And I like having something on there but if I didnít start my own somebody else would have done a bogus CC so I got it but itís just so the last thing I have time to do

A: I donít spend as much time on there as I used to. I get a lot of perverted emails and Iíd say I get like 20 a day. Nothing like 500. But I do get a lot of like crazy ones

CC: Yeah like ďHit me up BabyĒ

A: Totally and I think they blanket email them and I canít figure out how they do it

CC: Yes thatís the other thing, they just mass mail

A: Yeah and I donít know how that happens b/c I havenít been able to mass mail unless you go in and click every single person

CC: There is a way to do it. A friend of mine was helping with that and when I had an appearance somewhere he knew how to send a mass email

A: Well thatís a bulletin, which is a mass email that goes to all of your friends

CC: Maybe that was it

A: But if you have that many friends, like I have 800 friends and when someone puts a bulletin up itís like gone in 8 seconds

CC: Right

A: Plus, Iím afraid to look at bulletin b/c they are like those stupid emails that say if you donít send this to ten people

CC: Like a chain letter

A: Yeah and I fall for that stuff so I only click on people I know to see what they are doing

CC: Itís (myspace) fun sometimes. Like if I get here (Playboy studios) early, Iíll go in the kitchen cafeteria and log on real quick and answer 20 or something.

A: I donít even answer I just blog answer a thanks for writing I canít answer all of you

CC: Thatís smart but they always have questions like what was the last movie you did? Or howíd you get into the business? That kind of thing

A: What was the last movie you did?

CC: The last movie I did was, the boy girl one I did was Domination Nation part 1 and 2. And then I did one more after that Where The Boys Arenít Number 9. Which were always fun, OMG I love the where the boyís arenít series

Tim: yeah! (Tim is my friend from Vegas who was lucky enough to be invited to go with me)

CC you have it?

Tim: I have that one I canít remember if it was 7 or nine

CC: I was in 5 6 7 and 9

Tim: SO I have it either way

CC: Well donít lose them because theyíre discontinued

Tim: Really?

A: Well they (Tim and friends) would have this thing where they would trade off their porn and he had a Ginger Lynn one Suzy Super Slut and I loved it

CC: (laughing) is she Suzy?

A: yeah sheís Suzy and I thought it was excellent. He would have all these porn tapes and this was before we were dating and I would just go in his room during the day and be like oooh lets play with this one. But he got rid of that one (Suzy) and I was pretty pissed

Tim: yeah we rotated quite a bit

CC: isnít it funny just to say tapes? They are so outdated now.

Tim: I literally have like 6 milk crates of tapes in my storage

CC: transfer them all to DVD. If you really like them

Tim: Oh itís going to cost me thousands

A: no you can do that

A: so let me ask you a little bit about Video Exclusives. Do you ever talk to Tina anymore?

CC: You know we actually got in touch maybe three years ago. A friend of a friend had her number and I said well have her email me cause like again Iím going back to so much time had past. She was a horrible friend and yet she got into drugs and she just changed. And the end result by getting to Vivid was so fucking awesome that you look at it and you go you know what it was a blessing in disguise. Yes I got ripped from all my royalties down the road from them but you know what sometimes money is so not everything. So then we actually Tina and I talked about three years ago and in her email she was like oh you know Iím clean and sober now. She was living in a different state which I wont say on air for her protection. And I was talking to her one night and sheís like yeah I just took a sleeping pill so if I get a little like groggy. And Iím thinking youíre not clean youíre not sober. And then she sent an email and it said you know Marc, her ex husband, heís been so good to me. And I was like he wasnít good to you he wasnít good to me. And I just thought you know Iím done with her. Iím not going there again. Iím totally over that phase of my life and I said you know this isnít going to work as a friendship. There is too much water under that bridge so. She just hadnít matured like she hadnít grown in that time she was still living off her, like she had gotten millions in her alimony settlement and blew through it. I just canít, you know when lifeís too good and you donít want to go back to certain places. And yes if I saw her weíd hug and this and that but itís so weird with me. Ones Iím done with a friendship Iím just like done with it. Sometimes they just play their course in your life.

A: For a while when I was younger I was kinda back and forth but now Iím the same way. When Iím done Iím done.

Tim: you always try to save it likes thereís high stakes in keeping a good friendship. But once you donít care if itís saved or not itís pretty much run itís course

CC: Right. And for a certain time in my life she was awesome. Like I remember when I quit the business in 85 and I worked for my dad I still stayed in touch with Tina. And When I was going through a bunch of stuff with Michael the producer guy in the porn business, she would likeÖI remember once we (Michael and CC) were fighting really badly she sent me a ticket to go visit her in Indiana and like she was so there

A; Thatís when you decided to go back. Or I think you were thinking about it

CC: No cause that was right after I quit but it was like we had such a good friendship for so long and then it just kind of dissolved and we both went in different directions. And like thereís no ill feelings but like certain people you just donít have time for. Where like their life hasnít really changed and yours has and you just donít have anything in common anymore and thatís how it was with her

A: Speaking of friends, how did you meet up with Victoria?

CC: Through a website company, we did like a layout once together with Nina Hartley and that was in 89 or 90 and I met her on the set and I thought she was really nice

A: I remember you did talk about it in your book about how one of the guys wanted to date her or something, one of the guys that you dated said she was a bitch or something (LAUGHING) AND

CC: Someone I datedÖOh God I forgot the fake name I gave him

A: Yeah with the weirdo guy with the weird pants

CC: Yes OMG what did I call him in the book? He was a set director. OMG he was a wacko though. But sheís great. Like in 95 we got together as friends b/c we were going to do this website thing. Websites were the thing, ďwe could all make millionsĒ. So we did the website and millions turned into about $200 dollars (laughing). And after like 3 months I pulled out the deal b/c I wasnít making anything, and yet I knew that they were which was frustrating. People sometimes are like are so shortsighted b/c you could rip me off and I still wonít know. Itís anarchy on the web you donít know anything. But to get a check for like two three hundred itís like donít insult me. But then she pulled out eventually and itís like you donít have regrets b/c you always get the silver lining, we became best friends from this shit deal that we were in together.

A: And you danced together

CC: We did toward the end of both our dancing careers like the last year we would only go out on the road together

A: And it looks like fun, I saw the pictures

CC: Oh it was so much fun. Oh on the web site thatís right! Howíd you like the website Now Vivid runs it and I totally trust them

A: The pictures from the show are fantastic, I totally want to come on your show and like play with you guys

CC: This show, OMG any time you want to come on

A: Really

CC: I swear to god and I wont have my peely face (Christyís face was peeling from a chemical peel she had done a few days before)

A: Good cause I saw you guys like pouring food on yourselves and I was like I want to do that

CC: OMG every Friday on Playboy radio we have sploshing. And it started out where this caller called in our first week and he said I had my wife sit on a jelly donut and it was like so erotic. And Gingerís like, I donít get it. So she brought in a dozen jelly donuts the next day and sat on one. And you know what it is erotic. She sat on one and the jelly just oozed out and I like licked it from in between her legs and it was yummy and our fingers were all in it. And so we decided that every Friday we were going to sit in something different starting from the beginning of the alphabet. The first week I think I sat in Angel Hair pasta and that was up there. So we do something different every week now

A: That sounds like so much fun

CC: Yeah. This whole corner (she motions to corner or studio with tons of props) is all of our paraphernalia, you know like dildos and lubes and massage oils

A: Do you do that on the air do you stickÖ

CC: We are not allowed to do insertion. Yeah itís the only thing that we canít do

A: Well yeah thatís great, I will come on your show that would be wonderful.
So now girly questions

CC: Do you get chemical peels? Yes! (Laughing)

A: So you like to shop, clothing shopping or every shopping? Grocery shopping? Like you donít cook do you

CC: NOOOOO! I donít cook at all now, pasta for my daughter now cause I have to. Like today for lunch, I feel so bad, she got like frozen pizza. But itís better than what the orphanage was giving her. But I get good to go food. Like to date she has never had any fast food at all.

A: Good for you

CC: Well like pizza from like the local pizzeria but sheís never been to MacDonaldís or Jack in the Crap or anything like that

A: Thatís very good. I quit fast food after I left Detroit, which was like 4 years ago. They had tons of fast food places like white castle on every corner and taco bell. I would go to pizza hut just to have a good pizza. Thatís horrible. Iím from Chicago and Iím used to really good pizza and Iím eating pizza hut and going this is all I can do. So after I got back I said Iím never going to a fast food place again. Although I did one night go to White Castle

A: Oh they are so good. Especially when youíre drunk

CC: Yeah I was drunk

A: Oh my god I remember a few years ago I was really drunk and I went to like Jack in the box, five years ago and just had four or five things and it just tasted so good

Tim: and the next day you feel it

CC: I know but at least I didnít have a bad hangover, I mean all that grease just soaked it right up
I actually like to grocery shop, I think itís fun

A: Well Iím a cook I love to cook and I love grocery shopping

CC: That is just the one thing I never mastered. I lived alone for so long that I though why cook for myself when I could go tot the to go counter at the local market and get this awesome salmon thatís already made with sauce and everything. And then my first marriage was only 5 weeks. But then the second one he cooked and the third one he cooked and so I never had to. When I was single I dated a lot so Iíd go out to eat and if I didnít like the guy or care what he thought I would just get the food to go. Iíd be like ď Can I get a to go bag for the rest of itĒ?

(all laughing)

A: Youíre married now right?

CC: Yes

A: Ok Good. To Grant right?
Heís adorable

CC: He is

A: You donít talk about him in your first book

CC: You know why cause my first book cuts off at that

A: So are you writing-did you write the second one?

CC: No (sighs)

A: Can you please? Everybody is so excited about it.

CC: I have no time. I got through half of it and then I adopted my daughter, got this job three hours a day and so I just donít have time. I Ďm with my daughter until I drop her off at school at one then come home, get ready, get to work at 3:30, home at 7:15, stay with my daughter for a while. I just donít have time. Itís the kind of thing that will be there forever if I want to do in five years from now. Book one was just like a fluke. I never thought of writing book until I started this writing class. And then all of our stories were about whatever we wanted to write about so every week I would come to class with this story and I was about the porn business or about my family. The teacher was like OMG Christy these stories are like so intricate. The other students in the class were like ďwhat are you going to read todayĒ they were fascinated. And he said you know if you just get a few extra stories and just start bridging the stories together you have a book.

A: And it was really good

CC: Oh Thank you

A: Well you could tell you wrote it

CC: I did and I shopped it around at the beginning through an agent and I just didnít like any of the offers that were offered to me. There were like 3. And it was just like thank god I didnít need $20,000. I did it because I loved doing this. And I thought if I get that 20 grand Iíll never see another dime and Iíll lose total control over this book. And now I still sell it three years later. Itís my baby. Iím in the third printing. Iím in the third run. Somebody emailed me the other day from some agency and said oh weíre interested in publishing your second book and it was legit but it was a little publishing house. I wrote back unless youíre offering 100 thousand Iím not interested

A: So you didnít hear back from them

(all laughing)

CC: No, I just would never want to sell out. Like a few people that were interested in the book at a low price were like well we want to change this and I thought this is mine. I donít want to change anything. I knew from my fan club alone I would make more than I was offered in the first week. And thank god with the era of technology with Amazon and ebay. Ebay pulled my book for like 4 months b/c they said it was pornographic. I emailed them and said Iím very insulted this is my life.

A: Itís not bad compared to some of the stuff out there

CC: Right if they could sell Lady Chatterleyís lover then they can sell my book. And eventually they took it back but they were pretty tough on me

A: How well do you do with your auction? You sell your underwear and stuff like that. How well do you do with that?

CC: Really well

A: Maybe I should sell my underwear I bet I could sell my underwear

CC: You canít sell it on Ebay though. You can sell it on EStar bids. Ebay is pretty strict these days. I first started selling on Ebay when I quit dancing in 2000. I went to writing school and I though OK what am I going to do? Obviously I need to make something cause I canít just sit around Iím too hyper in that way. And my brother-in-law said OMG Christy have you ever thought of selling your dance costumes, or movie memorabilia on Ebay? And Ebay was really easy going in the year 2000. They got strict like 2 or 3 years later. I used to sell nylons and I used to say I just got fucked all night in them. And now itís just really strict

A: Well I remember you could buy one of the Olsen twins underwear. Somebody found underwear on the beach where one of the twins was laying out with her boyfriend

CC: How did they know it was theirs though?

A: He said that she and her boyfriend were on the beach and after they left he walked over and found this pair of underwear. So he sold it on EBay. I used to surf around on there and find all this funny stuff on there. Like there was this haunted toy that had the best story. It was just funny

CC: Ebay is funny

A: Now when you sell your underwear on Ebay do you wash them first?

CC: No I really donít. When I sell them on ebay I legally have to write this item has been laundered. People email me and ask me if I can wear them for one more week and I write back by Ebays standard I have to say that these have been washed

A: Well thatís pretty hot. Iíve always wondered about that

CC: If you go to my site there is a link to Christy Canyon Auctions

A: I did click on one of them and it was just a list of stuff. Iíve been to your auction site and I have that linked to my site too

CC: Oh cool

A: Iíve got to get into the affiliate thing though I have to figure out how to do that.

CC: Iím not in the affiliate thing. I did it once and I didnít like the result.

A: Well Vivid should have a site where you could get an affiliate link. You donít have anything like that

CC: The way it was set up with me was it was through vivid and they had a company where they got like $30 for every member that they got for you. But that was even like the three day membership that only costís 9.95 and they still got their $30.

A: MrSkin has a good affiliate program and Iím not too schooled on it but I like to use it

CC: Vivid had a weird company they went through and it knocked me off 90%, someone was making a fortune off of me. And they were like well give it a few months and if they got you that member they get their $30 and you get the member forever. But I just wasnít happy with this and I pulled out of it after a few months and I think Vivid eventually did too

A: Well MrSkin cash is his own and itís pretty good

CC: Lets go back to girly stuff. What do you think your personal style is? What would you categorize it as?

A: I like the new trendy stuff for the most part. Like right now Iím really into True Religion jeans or Sevenís

A: I love Sevenís

CC: I do too, I think the pants that Iím wearing today before I put your skirt on are Sevens. Iím kind of like trendy I think

A: Yeah, your belt is pretty trendy.

CC: (Laughing)

A; Iím very conservative as far as dressing but Iím not conservative everywhere else

C;: ha ha ha! Itís those kinds of girls you have to watch out for.
(To Tim) you should get a few pictures of us talking. Just airbrush my face. Iím so bad you guys, I still have a film Camera you guys. How bad is that. You know lost of those photoís on my site except for the ones taken here are all from my little cheap camera cause I love it and I know how to use it

A: Yeah, I know. This one (referring to my borrowed digital camera) I have no idea whatís going on. Thatís McPaddenís, the editors camera. Mine is broken so I donít know what to do.
So makeup! What brand of makeup do you use?

CC: Believe it or not I do wear makeup. Just a hodgepodge. Shesido foundation, Mac mascara, Mac lip liner, some Clinique eye shadows when I wear them. Just a variety.

A: So you do wear foundation

CC: Yes when I come to work I wear foundation especially when there is a guest.

A: Iíve been tanning and I find that I donít need foundation as much

CC: You donít. In fact Iím not supposed to need it after my wonderful mask. They said oh you will be so beautiful you wonít need anything so Iíll let you know. But itís fun I love makeup.

A: Iím a Mac girl

CC: I love doing girl things, I love massages getting my nails done. I got them done today. I do them every three weeks.

A: Thatís it?

CC: Yeah I get a fill. But I love doing anything new. Like botox. If it doesnít include surgery Iím so there

A: I canít wait until I can afford botox b/c Iím doing it

CC: (laughing) just charge it!

A: I have no problem with any kind of plastic surgery

CC: I donít either Iíve never had but I donít have a problem if someone else does it. But I just hate being on drugs. I got my eyes lazer radio karatonomity, where you scalpel it so I donít need glasses. And I remember being on like Vicodin cause youíre in such pain when you wake up. But you can see! It was the best money I ever spent in 1996. I had a stigmatism and I was nearsighted I mean my eyes were just all fucked up and I remember like waking up and seeing the digital clock and being like oh. It was so liberating. I remember traveling on the road and being on the plane and Iíd have to put my glasses in the little pocket in front of me and I remember throwing my glasses in my purse then getting to the hotel and putting them on and one of the lenses fell out and I couldnít see the whole trip. So I thought Iím just getting the surgery. And it was the best. But back to surgery even though it wasnít cosmetic or a face lift, I remember that horrible feeling of being out of it for a few days. And Iíve had surgery for female things like endometriosis and I remember thinking oh I hate surgery. So unless itís necessary I donít want to do surgery. Then again when Iím sixty I may change my mind but in the mean time I just try every new gizmo thatís out there

A: Well I used to weigh like 180 pounds I think about 5 years ago and I lost a ton of weight.

CC: How?

(Tim and Alix laugh)

CC: Drugs?

A: YES (laughing)

CC: Really, cause usually people gain it right back when they quit

A; Yeah I donít know I just didnít. I mean what happened was that when you do enough cocaine during the day your stomach shrinks and you canít eat anything

CC: No but you talk up a storm and clean that mother fuckin house!

(all laugh)

A: I love that story (referring to Christyís encounters with coke in her Book). I remember being so coked up that I was either going to sit in my bed and cry all day or clean the house

CC: Oh yeah there was no dirt in that grout (in the book she describes scrubbing the grout in between her bathroom tiles with a tooth brush for hours)

A: Ha that was so funny. No I was so depressed when I couldnít do anymore coke and I donít eat when Iím depressed

CC: I do

A: And when I quit drinking it was amazing. I had this face bloat that was so weird and when it went away I was happier.

CC: Wow thatís good. So you know what you got something good out of it

A: True from such an evil source. But you know I do have my fat and I wouldnít mind having a little lypo but I donít have the money for it

CC: Yeah Iíd like to get rid of that thy fat right there. But you just get to a point where you donít care anymore.

A: Plus I find that, I mean he thinks Iím fantastic looking naked (Tim)

CC: Damn Right
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Monday, January 08, 2007
Exposing the Skirts

It's agonizing sometimes trying to come up with a design to do the person you are designing for justice. At times I forget how to do it. I have to reach in really deep to find inspiration. My best designs are usually inspired by a sexual feeling. Honestly, when I get turned on I come up with some really fantastic and beautiful clothing. Christy was a cinch. Her skirts had an unfinished look. I wanted to portray the idea of them being a bit undone like seeing them from underneath. The exposed stitching was supposed to be like exposing the inside. I also wanted them to hug her hips and ass but at the same time flair out so they would sway while she walked showing off her perfect legs. The first skirt was made up of twelve 18x5" strips in forest green, silver and olive green all sewn together. It takes a great deal of precision and detailed work. I am a perfectionist so I attached each strip to the other very slowly by hand being careful to get each piece perfect. It is a task that has to be done on the floor and I can't wear anything except my underwear so that my clothes don't catch the fabric and make it uneven. The silk always feels good rubbing up against my skin. Sometimes I have to straddle the pattern and as I stretch I get warm from the small amount of exertion I put forth. Usually, I can smell the sweat from my crotch which makes it much more sexual. I don't rub myself against the fabric but I get close to it. Making the green skirt made me so wet that I had to stop a few times and pop in Dirty Letters and masturbate next to it. I was careful not to get my cum on the fabric. I wanted it to be perfect even though the idea of Christy's skin touching my cum made me orgasm over and over again. Finishing the skirt almost made me sad.

The pink skirt was made the same way except I wanted to emphasize her pussy. To do this, I centered one of the pink strips of fabric in the middle over her crotch rather than layering the strips on top of each other symmetrically. I picked the two different shades of pink to represent the shades of the vagina. Silver, of course, represented the juice that oozes out after one mind-blowing climax that makes the clit flush and pink. I also imagine Christy to taste like a lovely blush champagne which also inspired me to use the pink colors.

Ultimately, seeing Christy in the garment that I put so much of myself into thinking about how much she meant to me was the best. This is why I design clothing. This is why I made Christy the skirt. This is the one way I can show someone how much they have inspired me and helped me become who I am.
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Wednesday, December 27, 2006
Latest email from Christy

I have been neglecting the Christy blog. I've been very involved with "Naked" and Elske that I haven't had time. I thought today I'd remind myself and everyone how wonderful Christy is. This is an email she sent a while back before the interview came out. I'm not sure if I posted it before. It doesn't matter really as long as it makes me smile. And that it does. Note how thoughtful she is by telling me how talented I am. This is a great example of how she treats people. Her generosity is phenomenal and makes me so dedicated to her.
The picture may also be a repeat but she just looks so beautiful in my skirt that I couldn't help it.

(From me to Christy)


I just finished the interview my editor, cut it down to the proper Skinterview size. I kicked and screamed but what can I do. He can't publish a 12,000 word interview. I have to say that transcribing the interview, as tedious as it was, turned out to be great because I got to re-live our time time together.

I contacted Marie through MySpace. If you could mention it to her that would be great. (An interview with her would be good too. I want to do all women in the industry.) I really want to come on the show on a Friday when you do your sploshing. I think in my last email, I mentioned late February, around my birthday. I'm going to be XXXX!

Also, you said you could get me in touch with other actresses that I could interview. If you could ask around or get me some contact info I would be forever grateful.

How does your daughter like her blanket? And how does the pink skirt look on? I love to make more for you so just say the word. I'm a whiz with pleating.

Take care Christy,

I hope to hear from you soon!


(Reply from Christy)

You are soooo sweet! I cant WAIT to see the final cut that they did on Mr. Skin! PLEASE let me know when it is done!!! Email me a number I can give to Ginger for you to interview her.....As far as Marie, she is a VERY private person so I will leave that one up to you to try to get an interview out of!
My daughter LOVES her blanket! Thanks again! It is sooo soft and what a beautiful design you did. You are so talented. My skirts are PERFECT on my body. Again, you REALLY do know every inch of me!!!

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Tuesday, December 19, 2006
Victim Of Love 2 Part 3
Ok where did I leave off? Oh yeah!

Mark talks to Jammie about Bella Lugosi some more. Come on guy, let it go! He then says he can't get enough of Jammie but he doesn't want to leave Christy. Jammie says she wants to meet Christy.

Mark's friend comes by and there is all this dialogue...bla bla bla! No gay sex, I'm bored!

At the book shop Mark confronts Christy. Words can not begin to describe how amazing Christy is. Her line to him is "You're just another honey prick who wants his cunt and eat it too." Who writes this stuff? Reading it it looks ridiculous but when Christy says it she sounds so powerful and sexy. Christy agrees to let Mark bring Jammie to her house the next night to "even the score".

This is the first girl girl scene I ever saw. When I was 19 and naive I thought it was great. Now I kinda giggle at how tame it is. Christy towers over Jammie. She could eat her up and she does. It's a very slow scene and is good for showing off the beauty of both girls. Obviously, Christy is the better of the two with her soft curvy body and her dark, wet pussy. It's a no brainer. But I can I understand why Mark would want two completely opposite women. It's a beautiful scene but honestly I waited so long to recap it because I couldn't get off as hard as I wanted to. My orgasm was a little flutter and I just enjoyed watching the two girls go down on each other and then turned the movie off.

This movie was important to me becasue it showed me a large breasted woman with a body. She didn't look like playboy centerfolds-all blond and cute with little pussies and no meat on their bones. My body is not like a playboy centerfold and at 19 I thought that men wanted women like that. Christy Canyon not only changed my perception of what men wanted she changed my perception of myself. I no longer felt huge and awkward. I knew my boobs were great but I began to like my pussy and ass too. It was very freeing and really gave me strength to go after what I wanted. This might sound bizarre but porn and sex really help me gain confidence. I don't think I am exploiting myself by posing naked. I enjoy knowing that people want to see women like me with real bodies. We need to break the cycle of anorexic and heroin chic stereotypes. Did you know that heroin addicts don't shit for weeks and their stomachs get all bloated? Gross! And if you fuck an anorexic chic you'll most likely break her pelvis because her bones will be so brittle from malnutrition! Some women are naturally thin and I'm not knocking them but we are obsessed with Paris Hilton and Nicole Ritchie who both snort powder up there noses and don't eat for weeks. I'm also not saying lets all just get fat an roll around that's not healthy either. And by the way "Fat Burlesque" needs to go! Out! Stop It! Yuck! I hear fart noises when I see that shit!

Just eat normally and get exercise and stop worrying about how much you weigh. This is my philosophy. And I'm glad you think it looks good.

Off my soap box and back to Christy. Right now she's fucking Janine with a strap on in Where the Boy's Aren't 6, and my pussy is screaming for attention. I have to fuck myself now guys and I'll lick my fingers clean and tell you all about it later.

Thanks for the donations that some of you made. Those small donations get more pictures posted. It's so nice to get support from you guys keep it coming and keep me cumming!

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Saturday, December 16, 2006
Victim of Love 2 part 2

As usual I over masturbate when I watch these. Vibrators can be hard on the clitoris and need to be used sparingly. I'm just so lazy. So I have opted to watching these with others and playing with them. Tongues are wonderful. Licking is heaven and I
want to be your ice cream cone and you can be my sucker!

Back to the movie. We left off with Christy smearing moulding clay all over my body. When she put the clay over my pussy I got wet and so did the clay. OOOHHH!

The next scene is hot and why I love to have two men at once. I'm stealing the word "finger cuffs" from Chasing Amy because it's easier to type. I love to be finger cuffs!
Jammie, Mark and Howard are back from their pizza. Jammie goes to change while Mark and Howard engage in small talk. Bella Lugosi is mentioned. Like I said earlier, Mark is supposed to be somewhat of a movie buff. Then Mark says to Howard, "don't you think it's weird, you, me and Jamie?" To which Howard replies, "no, but you can leave if you want." Right on cue Jammie comes out in a gold, crushed velvet leotard. In between Mark and Howard Jammie is getting the Queen treatment: four hands and two mouths all over her body. She must be in heaven! Howard eats Jammie while Mark kisses her. And then she looks at Howard and her face made me cum. She looks so awesome and full of ecstasy. Howard must be doing a really good job. Then Mark face fucks Jammie as Howard fucks her pussy from behind. There is a difference between face fucking and blow jobs. The woman is in control during a blow job and the man is in control during face fucking. Either one is mind blowing. The boys switch positions and Jammie just looks so dizzy from pleasure. I came here. She just looked so hot and the penises were all over the place. I loved it. Next we see Jammie sitting on Mark with her back to him. This is a nice postilion and it was good for Howard because his cock had easy access to her mouth while he stood on the coffee table. Both Men's faces are contorted it's cute and funny. Jammie has small tits so they bounce like little cups of jello and her hair is flying all over. Moans and yelps come from her and me. The guys just go "Ahhh!" every now and then. Howard is now lying on the couch and Jammie is cowgirling him while Mark stands straddling Howard's shoulders so he can face fuck Jammie some more. Don't worry guys Howard's eyes are on Jammie. Next, the three are masturbating separately. Mark is in a chair, Jammie is on her knees on the couch with her ass pointed outward and her hands on the back of the couch. Howard is on the other end of the couch stroking himself. Both men have all eyes on Jammie as she entices Howard over to her. Howard climbs on top of her and pounds a screaming orgasm out of her. Her face says it all! Ecstasy! Good Job TT Boy! He squirts his jizz all over her stomach. She lazily rolls over and goes to Mark and sucks his dick while he sits in the couch. Her technique is masterful. She then pulls her mouth off and jerks him with both hands until he sprays all over her chest and chin. She says something to him and I can't make it out cause I'm to busy panting from my own orgasm.

And the final scene will have to be in another post. I'm exhausted and as you can see am in need of a cold shower.
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Victim Of Love 2

This may take two posts because I'm going to do the whole movie and not just the Christy scenes. A friend of mine said once that porno like this one was not hard core enough for him. He likes seeing girls tied up and rammed in the ass. I should give him my Rocco porn and watch his expression when the hot girl takes off her pants to reveal a penis and then gets fucked in the ass while she fucks another girl in the ass. I think he'd secretly like it but of course tell me I was a freak and then steal it from me later.

Victim of Love 2 was indeed the first porn I saw Christy in. The very one that I say changed my life. Watching it now over 14 years later I have to giggle at how tame it is compared to some of the stuff I watch now. But still Christy is so beautiful that it knocks my panties of and make me shove two fingers in and then lick them. My cum tastes good and I'm proud Christy can make me do it.

The movies starts off with scenes From Victim Of Love 1 which I still can not find anywhere. Help me find it if it exists. Mark, Christy's husband is having an affair with Jammie (Summers). In the film the girls names are their real names but the guys have made up names-really who cares who they are. The men are Randy Spears and TT Boy. Yes the same TT Boy from Twisted. He's so cute and looks stoned throughout the movie. Randy Spears plays Mark and TT Boy plays Howard. Oh and there are three other people: a couple who don't appear too much in this movie and a guy named Devlen who is an artist. The writers put a good effort in the script and plot giving Christy a book shop to own, Mark loves movies and Devlen is an artist who paints nudes. Oh, and the couple who are nameless are having trouble in their marriage and the husband is in love with Christy-get in line Buddy, I get her first! So as usual, I love this movie because there is a plot and it makes it easier to watch and not fast-forward as I do with the Gonzo stuff out now.

In the scenes from the prequel Jammie is wearing the cutest pink two piece that I have to own. She also says "shut up and fuck me" a line I use frequently. In fact last night I used it and I'm loving the way my pussy feels after a real good fucking! I know his dick was there and I can't stop thinking about it. He also alternately fucked me and ate me out which is making my clit throb just thinking about it. Oh yes do that again!

Woo got a little side tracked! When my pussy quivers I can't help it.

Now the movies starts and there is this sappy music in the background. It's nice though. The film makers really put forth an effort and I appreciated. Mark enters his house and goes upstairs finding Christy on the bed with her shirt pulled up. She's circling her nipples with her manicured fingernails and she looks pissed. She is also wearing glasses-a very good look for her. She says to him "take a good look at my body cause this is the last time your ever going to see it!" She throws his books and poster at him and kicks him out. I'm a girl and I like this kind of action so I had my first orgasm during this scene. She was so strong and powerful while her tits swayed from side to side. She looks absolutely beautiful in this movie. My fingers were covered in so much come that I had to lick them clean and rest a bit.

Mark then goes to the nameless couples house and punches out the guy. I guess the nameless guy told Christy about Jammie and Mark.

We cut to Christy in her book shop. Devlen, a customer and friend, is in the shop and Christy asks him if he still wants to go out with her. He's kind of geeky but in a cute way. Chrsity just wants revenge and I love it. She's wearing her glasses and I turn my vibrator on.

Mark is at Jammie's house. She's explaining that she has a date with Howard but that Howard knows about Mark and is fine with it. Mark is like "What a threesome?" and Jammie answers "We were thinking about pizza." Good lines people, it made me giggle. Howard comes in and its none other than David (TT Boy) from Twisted! He's so cute. And I guess after the threesome with Christy in Twisted he's all for another one with Jammie.

Cut to Devlen's studio and Christy is looking at his naked artwork. She tells a stupid joke and then they start making out. I put my vibrator on setting two. Devlen goes to town on Christy's pussy she's squriming around and moaning. Then she lifts her head and watches him which totally makes my pussy water and I orgasm all over the vibrator. There was so much cum I'm surprised I didn't short out the circuits. I couldn't handle how awesome she looked spread eagle. Her face was mind blowing and I moaned so loud my neighbor probably got a hard on.
Christy then sucks his cock. She sucks it well too using her hand and mouth. It's pretty she looks good sucking cock. It was a good time to give my pussy a rest and just watch. Next, Devlen fucks her from behind. They are both standing and Christy is leaning over the table. To make it authentic I did the same only leaning over my coffee table on my knees and shoving the vibrator in and out from behind. Yes it worked. It was a little difficult but I like being on my knees. I pulled it out and placed it on my clit right before Devlin came-inside Christy! No money shot? I wanted to see it spray her ass. Oh well. Afterward, a naked Christy tells Devlin a fantasy she has about smoothing clay all over another woman's body. I turn over put the vibrator on my clit, close my eyes and with my free hand feel my tits pretending it's Christy doing it to me. I exploded screaming.

I had to stop at this point and call a friend again. I need to find some clay.

Stay tuned to part 2.

That's the end of part one.
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Sunday, December 03, 2006
Domination Nation

It's early on Sunday and I'm waiting for someone. I hate waiting it sucks. When I want something I have to get it and I do eventually but until then I have TV, DVD's and the computer. Which brings me to my recap of Domination Nation.

This is a Vivid Feature and if you don't mind I'm just going to recap the Christy scenes. It was long and had a story line and I'm just too lazy to recap the whole thing. There are a lot of girls in this and I don't really know who they are. I tried to guess but when I go to websites to find out I end up wrong. So what I'm babbling about is don't expect names.
If you read my interview you'll know this is the last film Christy did. It was released in 1997. Dates get messy so don't go by what I say. It could have been made in 1996 and then released in 1997.


So the premise on the movie is that in the post-Armageddon world men die once they climax and women have all the power. Don't men jerk-off like 20 times a day? How can any man be alive? Christy plays Tank I think, the audio isn't very good and a lot of the words are hard to hear. She's the main woman in this new world. She has all the control. She's a red head in this. It's a good look. We start off with Christy waking up. Her head lazily lifts up above a hip curve that belongs to another red head laying in front of her. A bug scuttles across. She sees the man on the floor and she smiles remembering.

This is a good sex scene. The guy is hot and Christy is playing bad. Later in the movie we see how they get these men. They shoot them with lazer guns which are those souped up water guns that were so popular for a while. There was actual thought to the props which is awesome. At one point one of the captured men has a toy hammer in his hand for no reason really. He just has it. It's hilarious. So Christy and the other red head are struggling with this huge guy in chains. It's pretty hot. The guy does a good performance with his face and body cause there is no way these girls could have held him. I mean he's huge. I had like three orgasms masturbating to him alone. I watched this movie like 12 times in a row. It's very taxing work all this research to write one of these things. You really need to feel the characters and study their anatomy-you know to find out their motivation and depth of character. No I'm not drunk! You have no idea how serious I take this. I need to feel like I have these characters inside me in order to analyze these movies properly. It's very important work. And one day I will get a prize other than wet panties.

While Fabio is struggling with the girls Christy is saying cute little things like "nice nipples" and I love her a lot right now because I really like nipples on a guy. I like sucking on nipples while I'm getting fucked. Doing it right back makes me feel good about getting it done to me. The girls get Fabio on the floor and put this arm band on him. It's attached to a box with a bug in it. Yes the bug. The bug makes Fabio really dizzy and he stops struggling as much. So Christy and Little Red put him up against the wall. Little Red immediately starts blowing him while Christy just starts slapping, rubbing and licking him all over. I watched this over and over. Fabio was so quiet and he really looked scared. He didn't make much noise or say anything, he was good, really good! Christy and Little Red get him on the floor and Christy pulls off his pants and--here I about broke my clit--smelled them and rubbed them on her crotch. Oh My God! That was huge! I had to stop the movie and get up and clean something. I still think about it! I can't get it out of my head! I started to think about who I knew that would be able to come over and fuck me right away. And I did. And yes, I rubbed my crotch with their pants. I don't think these particular pair of pants are going to be washed for a while.

Little Red pulls off her pants. She's wearing a little black thong. She's really cute I have no idea who she is so somebody tell me, OK? Christy slides over, slaps Little Red's ass and snaps her thong. Once again I love Christy so much for the next line which is "Go away! This is my man!" I'm very lucky to have such a large pussy. There are lots of places on it for me to touch because at this point my clit was a little pink and raw from over use. So digging into the depths of my vagina for my fugitive g-spot was what I have to resort to now. It's always on the run but wants me to catch it. Most guys can't but I've found most of it's hiding places.

Christy starts sucking his penis. It's a good blow job scene. I give it a thumbs up. Not too long not too short and just enough struggle from the guy for my g-spot to be arrested. Blow jobs scenes are not my favorite. The girls look awkward and the guy too dominant. It's completely opposite in real life. I love sucking cock. I love it for a long time too. But the guy needs to get into it. I have to feel like he's trying really hard not to come. The struggle is the best part. When I have to physically move my body inches or feet to the right or left just to keep it in my mouth I cream all over. It sucks when it pops out but is inevitable or else I'll make him pop and the fun will be over. Oh and no talking! Shut up! I'm not your baby or sexy cock sucker! Well, sometimes I am.

Little Red, who was banished for a bit, comes back in and tries to get some sucking herself. This gives Christy some time to take off her thong and we see her lint covered crotch! NO! I'm kidding! I had to put that in, you know for the pants. I can't keep stopping to masturbate while I write this. I need a little comedy.
We see her manicured pubic hair. There is no real pattern just a circle of hair that's very short. It's pretty like Christy. She then takes off her dress and is completely naked except for her knee high black boots. It's the mid '90s and very hot. Still is today, wardrobe doesn't really matter when it comes to sex. Everything looks good when you're fucking.

"Titty fucking" I think it's called mostly. "Not easy" is what I call it. Little Red was handy. She could hold Christy's boobs together while she used her arms to do push ups on Fabio's very hard dick. That's what the other girl was for and when she was done Little Red went back into the corner then sadly, out the door.

Six position changes in this sex scene make it very educational. There's one I've done very little and need to do more. Then again sometimes I'm not really sure where my legs and could care less if they were cut off. Fabio gets into it now. Even though he knows he's going to die, as soon as Christy straddles him and slides it in he's helpless. We get a nice shot of Christy's ass while she gets it from below. Fabio then picks her up and whips her on to the bed. Legs at a ninety degree angle, Christy's gettin dick like she's never gotten it before and her face is exceptional! The next position is hard to describe. Christy is on her side and he's on his knees. Then her left leg goes between his legs and he goes into overdrive. He's going so fast my appartment is shaking. This is fun! Very fast! Christy's screaming, he's sweating and I'm just trying to keep up. Next is full on doggie style which is brilliant and I wish Christy had a pony tail because I can imagine the look she's making but I really want to see it. Finally we are back on the floor. Yes I'm there too. My couch broke, send me money for a new one. Fabio's puts forth his best effort while Christy is straddling him. She barely has to move he's doing all the work-good boy! Somehow next he's standing and spraying her tits with his man juice. It's fantastic! And in slow-mo. The camera focuses on Fabio's face and we hear a lion roar as he pulls the box off his arm and falls to the floor.

We cut to the present and Christy slaps Little Red awake. Little Red looks over at the beautiful heap of blond hair and man flesh dead on the floor. "He's all used up! I'll never get to him now." Little Red pouts and Christy sighs, "I promised you a man and I'll get you one. Now get dressed it's time to hunt."

I'm looking at my broken couch and big wet spot all over the floor and realize that this is enough of a recap for you. Go buy the movie for more.
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Saturday, December 02, 2006
Miss Julie Fab is the most Fab

Tonight Julie Fab showed me how to use Photoshop and now I can post this picture. I'm not perfect and I don't care for zits. I didn't think you would either so here you go. I promise to get to Domination Nation soon. I fell in love with Christy in this movie and I can't wait to tell you why. And thank you James for those lovely words about cuming and cuming which is what I'm here for!
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Labels: Tonight
Friday, December 01, 2006
Domination Nation
This is how I spent tonight...this is how I look and spend every night.

I still have Domination Nation and Where the Boys Aren't 5. I thought I was getting Victim of Love 2 but when I received my discs it wasn't there. But it was just not marked and double sided. So each time I popped the disc in I put it in on the same side. I sent it back angry and told Bush DVD that they sent me the wrong disc. They explained it to me and are sending it back. Today this guy told me I was technically challenged and I was a bit insulted, but he's right.

I popped Domination Nation in and watched the first scene with Christy in it. I really only wanted to get off so I didn't take notes. Maybe, I'll get to that this weekend. Sometimes girls masturbate themselves out. It's rare with me but it happens. The movie from what I saw looked good. Set in the future where women take men as prisoners and put some bug in a box on the man's arm to sedate him and then fuck the shit out of him. Nice. It might seem yucky with the bug but I'm open to it. I think sometimes yucky stuff is good. I'm not chocolate giver or piss drinker but a little dirt is OK. As long as the bug doesn't get on anything important I think I'll like the bug. They can do science fiction in porn too.

Lately I've been a little lax with this blog. The pictures are wearing me out. I am trying to get them perfect so you guys will be interested in buying them. But I'm technically challenged so I have to rely on other sources to help me.

It's also the holidays which wears everyone out. Most of the time I want to sit on my couch and eat chocolate all night.

But I need to pull it together and get right back into the swing of things. I've got a million things going on in my little head. Hopefully soon this will be a website and not just merely a blog. I want to interview more women and write that book. I have to meet with them in person, it's very important. As soon as Christmas is over I have to buy a plane ticket to LA and get over to Playboy Radio and splosh with Christy and Ginger. All these things to do! I can't wait though. Soon there will be more and more and more!

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